Families on the Edge: Planning Care for our Elderly Parents

We know a number of families who are facing an issue that certainly causes stress and puts their family on edge. That is, when it comes time to face the future of their aging parents. For many, the issue may come to a crisis point when a parent faces an acute health issue which requires hospitalization and then an uncertain recovery process, possibly requiring the transition into a long-term assisted living facility. Rare is the elderly couple who actually plans for that transitional move. Many hope they will be able to live in their home “forever”.

What that leaves is the responsibility to be put upon their children. And that usually happens in a crisis-type situation. Decisions must be made every which way and it can totally overwhelm everyone involved. But there are resources out there to support that transition. Locally, we met two women who have the compassion and love for the elderly population and who treat everyone in the families involved with the respect and support to guide them through.

Kay Jackson is an eldercare adviser who works for A Place for Mom, a national organization that provides free referral service helping families find nursing homes, assisted living, Alzheimer’s care, retirement communities, home care, and other senior care options. Kay is one of the experienced advisers who has assisted numerous families in the Bay Area with the difficult task of selecting senior care. She is such a lovely woman, who could put anyone at ease once you meet her. You feel her warmth the moment you meet her.

We also met Karen Midlo, Director of Community Relations at Sunrise Senior Living, here in Sunnyvale, CA. Karen has worked years in this industry. She gave us the tour of the Sunnyvale facility. The facility is absolutely lovely and loving. Everywhere we turned, there was a caregiver who seemed so authentic in their interactions with these elderly folks. The facility’s Principles of Service begins with Preserving the Dignity of their seniors. And Karen certainly treats them as such, respectful as she interacts with them. She truly has a genuine passion to care for the elderly.

And if you have an elderly parent facing Alzheimer’s, take a look at this link to begin your research for support.

If you are a family facing this major transition, reach out for help. You don’t have to do this alone. Save as much of your quality self for your parents. They need you most now.