Happy New Year! From the Satterlees

So I think this may be the very first year we did NOT send out our annual holiday greeting card. So for family and friends who are visiting my blog, here you go: the annual Satterlee family Christmas photo. I’ll be brief with family news.

Chris, Allison, Ryan and Carol

Chris: In his 7th year at Cisco… designing chips for high-end routers (that’s all I know about what he does!) He makes any Allison-Ryan-related activity a priority. He spends a lot of time working. Good thing he enjoys it!

Allison: (18 yrs) Started college at UC Santa Cruz — and loving the campus life. Experienced her first Burning Man adventure in September. Yes, she’s our “edgy” child! She’s definitely “unfolding” into becoming her own person. Oh yes, and that dainty jeweled nose ring she got on holiday break looks cute on that little nose of hers!

Ryan: (16 yrs) A junior at Monta Vista High School; basketball, class officer, year of SATs, academic stress, work on the weekends… yes, he’s one of those kids who could make you wonder if you might want to put more activities into your own life!

Carol: In prep of my first baby leaving the nest, I started a new coaching business with partner, Lisa Fairchild, called Family on the Edge. It certainly helped me to adjust to the beginnings of empty nest.

Here’s wishing all our family, friends, clients and visitors — Cheers to the new year!