Welcome to Our New Site!


After months of planning, creating and collaborating, we are pleased to announce the launching of Family on the Edge. It’s been a fun and educating experience. Many of you have visited our website and here we’re introducing our blog.

Lisa and Carol

Starting from the beginning of 2007, we worked diligently with our business coach Susan Reid of Alkamae Intuitive Small Business Solutions (http://www.alkamae.com). If you are an aspiring entrepreneur ready to “discover your inner samurai”, then Susan’s the business coach to go to! Gratitude also to our website designer and developer Carl Yoshihara of OnePixelDesign (http://onepixeldesign.com). It’s been a pleasure working with him. He’s got the patience of a saint (!) Lastly, our thanks to Marianne Lee of San Jose who designed our logo.


We look forward to creating a feeling of community here in our blog by:

~ sharing coaching tips and insights

~ provide resources in the forms of books, other professionals, programs and services

~ asking readers to share your own thoughts and perspectives

~ and because we are both committed to our own families, we will make our own personal journeys available to you. (Carol has transferred her previous StrengthWithin blog in hopes it will support other families.)

And because we have both experienced life adversity and crisis of sorts, we are both firm believers that you can “turn heartbreak into new beginnings.”


Our best to you,


Lisa and Carol