In Maui with Wayne Dyer

At the end of October, Lisa and I (along with friend, Suman) flew over to Maui to attend a Wayne Dyer conference. We had no idea how many people would attend. For all we knew, it could have been an intimate setting of a under 100 folks or so. But, instead we were in a conference room of about 400 people from all over the states and other continents.

It was the first time for both Lisa and myself to see Wayne in person. He is a very entertaining, down to earth gentleman. He seemed very natural and accommodating to all of us who wanted to meet him, have books signed by him, and take photos with him. He generously accommodated the hundreds of folks who wanted to connect with him no matter how brief it had to be. I liked how the first night he arrived very casual in shorts. He also invited anyone who was willing to wake up before sunrise the next morning to join him at the Bikram yoga studio he attends on the island. And many did, our friend Suman being one of them.


Carol & Wayne Dyer

We all walked away inspired in some form or another. This conference was to introduce the concepts of his new book due out in May 2009, Excuses Begone. Until his book comes out, Lisa and I would like to share our notes. So if you’re interested, take a look. There may be some tidbits for you to ward off excuses that are holding you back!