Women’s Workshop in the Works!

Last month, we invited a few women to spend an intimate evening with us. Our purpose was to gather a group of creative, fun, and resilient women who are currently facing some kind of life change and willing to share about the transition process they are in or will be facing. Each person’s current or impending change is unique. However, there was such a camaraderie felt when it came to sharing with one another. Changes included empty nests, changes in significant relationships, bereavement/grief, the challenges of being sandwiched in between generations, as well as a sense to reinvent in order to find a new purpose to fulfill.It was an experience for all. Some of the comments we received included:

WOW!!! I wasn’t expecting the emotions, but you certainly knew everyone would need some Kleenex. I believe your evening struck a chord with everyone and I know your workshop will serve us all as we journey through our personal transitions. What a powerful group of ladies.

Thanks for a great evening! I shall treasure my box…says Journey on the outside…trust on the inside. Trust the Journey…Wow!

Last night was super fun. You and Lisa ran a great group, and I am excited about your workshops!

That was a great group of women and I enjoyed hearing all the different experiences and their thoughts on life. After listening to everyone, I really felt that I am in a great place in my life and I definitely need to embrace that, as it can change at any given moment.

Women are wonderful people! There is such a willingness to express, share, and connect. What a comfort to know we are so willing to reach out to one another to support, empathize and brainstorm ideas. For us, it confirms that we never have to be alone on our paths.

Please stay posted. We are creating a workshop for the May time frame, both in person and as a teleseminar to reach out to others to provide support and connection. Let us know if you’re interested and we’ll be sure to put you on our mailing list. We would love to have you meet and find comfort in associating with like-minded women.

However, if you or someone you know is currently struggling with a challenging life event, please contact us. We are here to serve you.