An Evening with the Ladies

Something we enjoy is gathering women for an evening of conversation. It gives us an opportunity to hear what’s on everyone’s mind and in their hearts. We talk about what what’s up now, what lies ahead and how we feel about what we might be leaving or missing as we start new chapters in our lives. When women gather, wisdom is shared. In May we held gatherings in Pleasanton and Cupertino. We gathered women in mid life, teenage girls and even some pre-teens.

We open up and talk about our relationships, our current experiences, our struggles, our joys… and we laugh a lot too! In the end, there’s a special camaraderie amongst all of us. Take a look at some of the things we learn from one another. It’s an article we titled, “Living Your Best is Always Within Reach”. Enjoy.


May 2009 – Meeting in Cupertino

(Left to right, Back Row: Judy Wilson, Dana Kawaguchi,  Joanna Medin, Patti Glick,

Joanne Rose, Lynn Plecque, Winnie Jiang & Cindy Wen

(Left to right, front row sitting on the floor): That’s Carol and Lisa!