My Experience with a Hand Analysis Reading

For my birthday, Lisa offered to give me the gift of a hand analysis reading. She had hers done and she also recommended another friend of ours to try it. He was game and had it done as well. Both had quite an experience with it… an emotional one at that. So when she asked me if I would like to have it done, I at first hesitated. On one level it validated what they already knew about themselves which was affirming. However, the reading also presented each of them with information that resonated on emotional levels they had not expected. It was a powerful experience for each of them. So when Lisa asked me if I wanted my hands analyzed, I had mixed feelings. Would my hands tell me something that I might not be ready to hear?

In a nutshell, hand analysis can give you insight to your characteristics, talents and patterns of your personality and tendencies about yourself.  Analysis allows you to more easily recognize how you deal with life. It does not predict anything about your future. There’s absolutely no judgment relayed about who you are.


What I learned from Margaret, who has read 1,000s of hands AND who knew nothing about me, is this. She shared information that I felt were spot on about how I viewed myself both personally and in my work.  And that felt good. But interestingly I could also feel when I was resisting (mostly internally) some things she shared that I didn’t agree with. In fact, I felt, she was really off base.  I had tape recorded the session and all she calmly said was to the effect, There’s no judgment to be had in any of these readings… I only ask you be open to what your hands reflect. Please, listen to the tape and just see how you feel after you listen once, maybe a couple of times more.

And so I did. A couple of days passed and I listened again. Wow… all I can say is I heard myself sounding a bit defensive AND clearly Margaret’s voice never had a tone to put me on defense. Again, I emphasize, there was absolutely no judgment or need on her part to convince me of anything.

Here’s what I learned humbly from this experience…. that when we think we’re listening with an open mind and open heart it is very possible that our own mind chatter closes us off from really hearing the message. When I listened again to the recording, I thought…. How could I have missed the message she was relaying? In fact, what I heard when she asked me to clarify a feeling or thought, I wasn’t even answering her question posed…. RATHER I was answering the question or defending the thoughts I had in my OWN head!

As I took notes from the recording Margaret shared something that resonated so strongly… something that has “turned me upside down a bit inside” (if that makes any sense at all!) I’m just so grateful that I chose to hear more objectively the 2nd time around than from the place of resistance and defensiveness.

The question I wanted to pose… What would you do if given the opportunity to a new perspective that could challenge a current belief you held about yourself?   For me, as uncomfortable or “new” as it may feel, I am choosing to use this information and strengthen my own foundation.

My message is this…. we are all given continuous opportunities for new perspectives. In this case, it happened because I was willing to try hand analysis. For some it’s through self-discovery seminars, books, and workshops.  Some may seem obvious as insights that we embrace, some maybe not so. However, whenever we choose to use that information to ground us firmly to our “truths”, then we can’t help but feel more connected to ourselves… to our most authentic self.  Take it one step further… it is what you will proactively DO with that information that makes all the difference.

Thank you, Lisa, for a gift of my ongoing self-discovery. I am choosing to embrace and connect to ALL of me!