Who Am I? And What Does that Mean?

There seems to be a pattern for me during the holiday season. That is, it always puts me in a very reflective mood. I’ve learned it’s because I actually am able to slow my life down enough to BE more than DO. And from that, I have spent the past few weeks journaling, which always allows me to discover more within. My musings for today… I fully embrace and appreciate all the “roles” I am in people’s lives. Here are a few:

Mom and Me

I am a daughter to Natsuye (age 80!)

and my dad, Ed (not pictured) (age 84)

 Three Cs

I am a sister to brother Craig and I am a twin to Cindy…

Chris, Carol & Chloe

I am a wife to  Chris… 

I am a friend to Chloe…

 Allison and Me

 I am a mother to Allison …

Ryan and Me

I am a mother to Ryan…

Lisa and Carol

I am a friend and business partner to Lisa… 

Yes, I am woman of many roles, a few mentioned above. What I know is my life is so full and I feel so loved. In my moments when I ask the big questions:

Am I enough?

What is my purpose?

Is there more?

The answer becomes so clear when I allow myself to sit quietly and reflect on my life and what matters most to me. I read a great quote over the holidays. It is, The richest person is not the one who has the most, but the one who needs the least. It is so clear, crystal clear (!) to me that there is nothing more I could ask for in my life today. I am surrounded by love and am in continual gratitude for it. I am a very “rich” woman, indeed.