Women’s Workshop – Back2Me

We hosted an intimate group of wonderful women on Saturday, May 1st at our Back2Me Workshop. It was a full day of insights and connections.

As one participant shared with us the next day: Thank you both for leading us in such an empowering experience as we shared our journeys.  The impact of the workshop is finally starting to saturate my consciousness.  I began to review your comprehensive packet this morning (what a wealth of valuable insights!!) As for whether the workshop was what I expected–my initial answer on the questionnaire of “YES” is still true but it was also more than I expected to gain from the knowledge.   Today, I feel like I’ve been given a clean bill of mental health.  Tomorrow, I will always have your wonderful packet as a constant reference whenever I begin to “stumble” along the path of living as my “authentic self.”  I love my memories, especially of our time spent together yesterday, and I enjoyed every moment while I experienced it, and I will carry the value of your awesome  workshop with me on into the future! (J. Lum, Campbell)

It is always such a privilege to work with women who are in search of finding their authentic and true selves. Women who are ready to ask, “Who am I today?” and who leave the workshop with an increased awareness of acceptance, understanding and insight.

Real vision comes not from what we see in the past or the future; it emerges from what we see within.– Marianne Williamson

Our next Back2Me workshop will be held in the fall later this year.