Success Story: Gail’s Father

Gail’s* father-in-law passed away. After the funeral, her husband wanted to spend time supporting his mother living across the country. The plan being Gail would move out in a month or two. After a few weeks, Gail received a call. Over the phone, her husband asked for a separation. You can only imagine how Gail felt lost, confused, and betrayed. She came to us reeling in emotions. Over ensuing months, during the divorce process, we supported, coached and provided resources. In under a year, Gail had to manage the foreclosure of the home her husband left her with, sold or gave away many of their possessions that filled the home, and resumed her profession in the area. She is now financially independent and feeling ready to trust again and be open to a new relationship.
* Name has been changed to honor the confidentiality of all our clients