A Journey in Job Hunting

For a parent with young adult kids, today we all know that launching can be a “journey”.

My daughter graduated college and then spent a year living on her own down in southern California. She found work (two part-time jobs), however, soon learned that making it on your own requires quite a bit, particularly financially. Hence, three months ago she moved back home. Yup, our first boomerang child. Gotta say it’s been great having her home. She returned as a young woman, full of gratitude for an open door and respect for her parents’ calmer lifestyle. We gave her a week to settle in and then we said your job is to get out there and find a job.

She was eager, willing and ready to do as many informational interviews as possible, and she was nervous when it came to real interviews. It’s been a privilege to share her moments of continued exploration post college, to see her build confidence based on outsiders’ impressions of her – not just her parents!

Today, I write that she landed her first “real” job! As we do after every interview she’s had, we sit together so I can get all the details how it went, how she felt.  And then she calmly said, “They offered me a job.” Yes, calm, cool & collected until we both looked at one another, screamed and tears came to my eyes. Her months of committed informational interviews and job searching came to fruition!

All I can say at this moment is how immensely happy I am for her. She starts Monday morning! I was there when she called all the significant people in her life to share the news. Here’s a picture of her calling Grandma – who gushed with joy & pride for granddaughter.

     She got a J-O-B !!!

These are the moments I know when all the patience, support and unconditional love a parent provides their young adult child, in what is one of the most challenging of their life transitions, pays off. Tonight we will celebrate.