My Kindness Flower

Have you experienced an act of kindness lately? I wanted to share what one looked like for me just the other evening. On my nightly walks with Chris and our dog, Chloe, we pass a home where a young man most always sits in the garage facing the street. The music is playing on a radio; sometimes it’s a broadcast of a summer baseball game. What I gather is it is his way of experiencing a peace and quietness of the night. Not a time goes by where we don’t say our routine pleasantries, “Hi! How are you doing this eve?”

A couple of nights ago, he said, “Wait, I have something for you.” Then he proceeded to clip this beautiful flower off the tree for me. He handed it over and just said, “Have a good evening.”

A flower of kindness

I know he won’t know I’m writing about this. But it is my way of acknowleging and sustaining his power of kindness. I hope this inspires you to continue this course  to someone out there. Imagine how powerful it could be to grow “kindness” from this one beautiful flower today?