The One I Called Mom

I loved this woman… the one I called Mom! She was my hero, mentor, role model and in my adult life, also my friend. Mom died on September 3, 2012, and she died as she lived… with great faith and with grace. She embraced and even welcomed her end of life stages and like everything she did, she engaged in it with all of her being. She started making way, saying her goodbyes and ever so gracefully letting go…

A woman of great faith

In her final hours, as my mom lay in her bed, I spooned with her. An odd thing, perhaps, to do with one’s mother and yet it was a very tender and loving moment. For just that short period of time, I got to hold my mother the way she held me – first in her womb, and later as a young child – assuring her that she was safe and so very much loved. Unconditionally loved!

I learned so much from my mother throughout my life, but none so much as I did during her end of life journey. I see as I write this that I started to share some of my experiences and lessons several times over the last several months, but never could quite find the right words, the right place to start. So today, I’m starting here… starting with I loved this woman- the one I called Mom.