An Early Valentine’s Wish For You

Meet a dear friend of mine, Danean. This picture was taken a week ago… which was 4 days before her 3rd round of chemo.

Carol & Danean - February 2013

I am blessed to be surrounded by many strong and loving women in my life. Danean is one of them. She has a presence about her (after all, she is an image consultant) and years ago when we first met, I was a bit intimidated by her! It didn’t take long for me to open up and tell her this. Once we spent more time together, what I experienced was a woman of great warmth, kindness & grace. And what I love about her most (well one of many things) is she has a sense of humor and wit like no other. I mean she can make me laugh so hard that every happy cell in my body is multiplying like crazy!

I’m so grateful she has such an amazing husband who loves and supports her unconditionally, particularly through this unexpected journey they are traveling today. They have a marriage that I know others could only dream of. So for this Valentine’s Day my message is this:

  • May you reach out to as many people in your life who you love and care for.
  • Believe in the power of love and kindness. It is the strength of this muscle that will get you through life and the adversity that will undoubtedly come your way.
  • Find and spend time with your own “Daneans” in your life so that you can get all your happy cells in your body multiplying like crazy!

Happy Love Day to all…. And to you dear, Danean, I look forward to so many years of friendship with you.