Celebrating a Wedding Anniversary!

A letter to my Mom and Dad,

I am quite a fortunate one. How lucky I am (along with siblings Craig and Cindy) to wish you two a Happy 60th Wedding Anniversary on this day, April 4, 2013!

Mom and Dad, there is no greater gift you have given us than your modeling what has been a marriage built upon commitment, unwavering support, gratitude and love. Oh yes, and also teasing and laughter!

Ed & Natsuye Yamane - April 4, 1953

I know how pleased you are that each of your children found our own life partners in  marriages filled with unconditional love. Mom & Dad, you have my utmost respect and heartfelt admiration for your marriage which is such a tribute to the promises you made to one another 60 years ago. Cheers and wishes for many more!

Thank you for giving, showing and committing to family love which I aspire to recreate with my own family.  Oh yes, and a very Happy 26th Anniversary on this same day to my dear Chris! I have no doubt we’ll make it to 60 and beyond!

Chris and Carol - April 4, 1987