A Blessing Jar

For a couple of years now, I’ve had a Blessing Jar. Each day (and I’m about 90% good on that) I write a blessing on a slip of paper and put it in my blessing jar. It’s been quite the learning experience for me. For sure I have many blessings in my life, but to write down something each day has been a challenge. Of course, it’s easy to find a blessing in the happy, joyful and light moments and days in life. But the normal days ~ or the ‘flat’ days, not so much. And the dark days, the days I’m feeling sad, hurt or just spending some time in ‘funky town’ it can be downright hard. Nevertheless, I persist.

But here’s the thing… as I’ve stayed at it, my attitude of gratitude has grown. I’ve learned to notice and be grateful for the what seems like the tiniest thing, and my noticing it has made it bigger and more important. The greatest learning so far (probably more accurate to say the thing I’m continuing to learn) is that the struggles in life, the especially hard bits hold so much promise. I’m learning to receive them~ life’s gentle knock or the not so tender knock down, with a belief that something is trying to happen. I’m being offered (in my view by God) a new perspective, a new wisdom or an invitation to explore of a part of me that is meant to be developed and used to make my life, my relationships and the world better. Just today a friend introduced me to a twist on Thanksgiving… Thanksliving. I love it and my blessing jar is my practice of gratitude and perhaps my Thanksliving.

And you? What’s your perspective and experience of gratitude? Though we do it in our separate ways, both Carol and I have practices of gratitude in our lives and in our coaching. If there’s room in your life for more gratitude, we’d be delighted to help you discover and grow it. Contact us to schedule a complimentary session.