Bridge the Gap – Communication Tools for Pre-Marital Couples

Some of the most effective “tools” in our coaching are the ones we created based on our years of experience working with relationships. The purpose is to establish clarity around areas we support couples. It is a vehicle to begin conversations allowing them to discern and tell one another, and their coach, what they want or perhaps need to work on in our sessions together. Our Pre-Marital Bridge the Gap tool does just that.

We all come into relationships as individuals with a lifetime full of habits, beliefs and perspectives that have been shaped by our family of origin and life experiences. Our Bridge the Gap tools is designed to explore areas that may clash or that need alignment to support a healthy marriage.

Bridge the Gap Tool

The tool lists 25 statements and asks each individual to subjectively score from 1 to 10 between a range from strongly disagreeing all the way to strongly agreeing to the statement about their relationship. Then we merge the couple’s two individual responses identifying any gaps. Those with wide gaps help us determine where individuals would benefit most. And just as important, their scores can indicate where they do agree thus being aligned and just fine!

Contact us for your complimentary session if you could benefit from more clarity in your relationship challenges or to have some thorough premarital discussions. We’re eager to support bridging your gaps!

Oh… and some comments from our Pre-Marital Clients:

“Being engaged was one of the most exciting times and one of the most chaotic and stressful times for us. In addition to the general stresses of planning a wedding, we were also experiencing some unexpected family issues (not related to our relationship) that were shaking up our confidence and causing us to question whether we should go through with the wedding. We had attended a premarital class prior, but in a class of 50+ people we weren’t able to dig deep/work through our specific concerns. Pre-marital coaching was one of the best decisions we made.”

“We wanted to make sure we were armed with not letting the “little things” that life has to offer tear us apart. Participating in this type of activity will give you the tools needed to work as a unit, love each other through more challenging experiences, and look at life through your partner’s perspective.”

P.S. We have similar tools for married couples and those who struggle in any of their important relationships.