Here’s The Thing: Coaching is Courageous!

While it’s true that people often come to coaching with a specific issue, problem or question that they would like to address, coaching is much more about strengthening WHO is addressing the question, issue or problem. Why? Because it is inevitable that we will have many more opportunities to wrestle with, and be nimble to, what life brings us. Coaching is about change. It’s about transformation. Inherent in change is the shedding of the old to expand and make room for the new.  

It’s not unusual for a person to reach out to us to inquire about coaching from a place of vulnerability; a place where they say I want or I need to take this issue or goal on NOW. Then it gets scary and they pull back~ perhaps putting off coaching for another day or another year. But for most of us the issue doesn’t go away. It remains and gnaws at our being.

One of the things we often hear in coaching is that change is hard. But here’s the thing: we wouldn’t be considering making a change or asking for help if what we were doing wasn’t hard. In fact, it’s likely precisely because it’s been so hard that we’re wanting to make a change. It’s not a hard or easy proposition. Rather it’s understanding that we’re choosing between two hard choices. One hard – the one we’ve been living, we know. The other hard is unknown and that often feels scary. But… that second hard, the hard choice that chooses a different path holds the promise of creating something new. Something better. Something more meaningful. 

So yes, Coaching is Courageous and it’s not for the faint of heart. It can be uncomfortable and unsettling for sure. But here’s the other thing. You don’t have to go it alone. As coaches we will walk with you, explore with you, encourage you, challenge you and partner with you all the way.  

Is there an issue or a concern that you’ve tucked away? We invite you to trust yourself enough to be courageous. You Can Do This! And we’ll be right by your side. Read our Making the Most of your Coaching and see if you are up to the challenge. And then… Contact us for a complimentary session