The Door to Your Life, Love and Heart

Today I got a new front door on my home. I’ve disliked my old front door for years. It just didn’t fit; didn’t feel right. As I get older and wiser ‘fit’ and ‘feeling right’ are vital factors in me being right with me and right with the world around me. It’s what allows me to be aligned, connected and real.

The Old Door – not a good fit!

I love my new door and it feels HUGE… not because it’s an oversized door and not because it feels so solid – though both are true. It feels huge because I am keenly aware that getting a new door to my home is a metaphor for my life. I was awake to the question of my heart… does the door into my life serve me or does it too need some attention?

I was painstakingly thorough and thoughtful in making decisions about the entry door to my home. I considered what it would look like from the outside and what color it would be. I wanted it to be congruent with the rest of my home and reflect my style. I gave thought to how I wanted it to be welcoming and receptive to all and yet provide safety, and protection to my home, my sacred space and my heart. I solicited input from those who have expertise in homes and doors and others who would open my eyes to things I may not have thought of on my own. I asked for opinions, not to change my own but to see if my choice would stand; to see if it would feel right even when challenged.

New Door and so much possibility!

As I give the same thoughtfulness (or more) to the entry to my life I recognize that there are both easy and hard parts of the assessment and installation. The easy part is deciding what I want in… love, joy, contentment, community and connection. The harder part is deciding what I need to let go of and what I won’t allow into my life. It’s  knowing that I have continue to choose, again and again as life will certainly provide the opportunity to do so. The thing is I know  “hard” is a story. What’s true is that it might be new, scary, and uncomfortable. But it won’t be nearly as hard or scary as it is to give up or give away myself in order to meet the approval of others. I want to be thoughtful and mindful about my boundaries ~ not to shut people or things out but rather to say and live very clearly~ what’s inside is a gift and a treasure.

A neighbor I had not yet met stopped her car in front of my house. She said she loved my door and that she too was putting a new one on her home. I shared with her my delight with the fruits of my discernment and choice, I had chosen well. I told her that I was also tending to the door of my heart. She said “Me too! My husband died 3 years ago and I am looking carefully at the things, people and events that pass through my door and I’m making changes.”

What about you? Have you tended to the entry to your life, love and heart? Whether a life transition, a recognition that the door to your life has been too closed or too open, or simply as maintenance, is it time to explore the door to your life? If so, coaching is the perfect venue for that exploration and we’d welcome the opportunity to accompany, support and encourage you. Contact us to schedule a complimentary session.