Carol Satterlee

My family, like many, has experienced its share of challenges and even crises.  This is what I know for sure. When together my husband and I are respectful, clear and consistent with our family values and behaviors, when we have known how to ask for help, allowed ourselves to be vulnerable and admit our own shortcomings, and taken responsibility for our “own stuff”, then we know we have done our best as individuals, spouses, and parents. Our reward has been the strong and fulfilling relationships we have with one another and our children.

Coaching focuses on providing objectivity. This is one of the most difficult perspectives to receive from family members and sometimes close friends. Besides providing objectivity, there are three concepts I ask my clients to consider: 1) to let go, 2) to suspend judgment and 3) to accept what is. I believe when we apply these concepts we are closer to practicing compassion. And this is the key to tending to and mending relationships.

I received my training and certification through International Coach Academy in 2002 and practicing since. I am also trained and licensed in life transitions through Transition Dynamics Enterprises, Inc. I live in the Bay Area, California. I am happily married with two children who have been my primary teachers of life, love and joy. My life’s motto: “Live life with no regrets.” My passion is to guide others who choose to do the same.

                                        Carol and Family

April 2017 – Celebrating 30 years with Chris and our little Chloe!