Lisa Fairchild

I coach because I believe in coaching. It’s a great way to learn about and strengthen oneself and to broaden and expedite processes when implementing ideas and setting both personal and professional goals. Coaching is much more about being our best than it is about solving a problem or working our way through a challenge. When we truly show up, fully utilizing our strengths and working with our weakness, we participate in life and in our relationships in a whole new way. I support and encourage my clients to step boldly into their challenges and struggles. I want my clients to write a new story; a story that serves their highest good and lifts them up.

I’ve been coaching since 2007. I came to coaching after a 20+ years career in Human Resources. I received my coach training through Coach Inc., and am a member of, and hold the designation of Associate Certified Coach, from the International Coach Federation.

Being a Relationship Coach allows me to have my life’s work align with my values of family, integrity and contribution and utilizes what I believe are my God given skills and abilities. I am honored and grateful to accompany my clients through the ebbs and flow in their lives, loves, work and play. What I love most about coaching is that my clients teach me so much about myself and about life! What can be better than that?