A Blessing Jar

For a couple of years now, I’ve had a Blessing Jar. Each day (and I’m about 90% good on that) I write a blessing on a slip of paper and put it in my blessing jar. It’s been quite the learning experience for me. For sure I have many blessings in my life, but to write down something each day has been a challenge. Of … (Read more)

Here’s The Thing: Coaching is Courageous!

While it’s true that people often come to coaching with a specific issue, problem or question that they would like to address, coaching is much more about strengthening WHO is addressing the question, issue or problem. Why? Because it is inevitable that we will have many more opportunities to wrestle with, and be nimble to, what life brings us. Coaching is about change. It’s about … (Read more)

Relationships Thrive on Shared Values

Dating couples spend time together and look for shared interests while they get to know one another.  However if you’re looking to evaluate whether to proceed to a more serious, “next” level, then looking for and learning about your shared values is crucial. Shared values are what will determine if and how the relationship will sustain and endure over the years to come. Can you … (Read more)

Choosing Your Steps

Life is fluid. It’s always happening and sometimes it feels like it’s happening on steroids. This might be one of those times. Between the contentious political environment, the fear and uncertainty of far too many terror attacks and the devastation of the natural disasters that all seem to happen one after another, life can feel unsettling and chaotic. Whether they are the happenings in the world around us … (Read more)

Why We Promote Journaling

One practice we suggest for our clients is journaling as a way to do work outside of our coaching sessions. One specific practice is called Morning Pages from writer and artist Julia Cameron. It entails hand writing down for three full pages whatever comes up in your mind without holding back anything. Morning pages works best if you do it first thing in the morning before … (Read more)