What’s the Secret? Kindness & Generosity

In our work with relationships, experience teaches that struggles and challenges are a natural aspect of relating… even the most successful ones. Our differences with one another is a given. Avoiding and running away from conflict particularly in loving, intimate relationships never works. It will somehow always catch up to us. I’m a big fan of John Gottman. He is a professor of psychology known for his … (Read more)

The Holidays are here (almost)… excited or angst? Could I have 5 minutes of your time?

Yikes! The Holidays are just around the corner. Yep, it’s true! Halloween marks the beginning of the Holiday Season- a time that is marketed to be all ho, ho, ho and jolly and yet for many it takes some ‘work’ to be jolly and have a holiday season that brings the peace, joy and love we all want and deserve. So how are you feeling… … (Read more)

Is There A Difficult Conversation You Need To Have?

My last blog Are You Ready To Get Off The Fence, was about how being stuck and indecisive keeps us from moving toward our goals or making the changes that we want in our lives. Many times it’s our reluctance to have what we perceive to be a difficult conversation that keeps us in limbo- and keeps us in that place we don’t want to be. Having talked … (Read more)

Ready to get off the fence?

Are you on the fence? Many times in my own life I’ve sat on the fence much longer than I should have, meaning I sat literally and figuratively in the middle of two decisions ~ going nowhere! It might be a job or a relationship and your mind’s conversation goes back and forth between should I stay or should I go and yet you never … (Read more)

This is What Love Looks Like

If you know us as individuals or coaches, you know that we are absolutely passionate about our work as relationship coaches and our work with couples. Meet Courtney and Zach. They are the embodiment of an engaged couple who is so ready for their next step: Marriage. Photo by Jessica Miriam Photography As a young couple, Courtney and Zach have the most amazing communication skills … (Read more)