This is What Love Looks Like

If you know us as individuals or coaches, you know that we are absolutely passionate about our work as relationship coaches and our work with couples. Meet Courtney and Zach. They are the embodiment of an engaged couple who is so ready for their next step: Marriage.

Photo by Jessica Miriam Photography

As a young couple, Courtney and Zach have the most amazing communication skills with one another. It is built upon not only the obvious love they have for each other, but equally important the respect and trust they practice each and every day. How does a couple like this succeed? They continually focus on their personal responsibility to make it happen!

Courtney shared with us what they practice with one another regularly and genuinely:

Inquire – We ask one another: “Is there anything I can do for you or that you need from me?”
Acknowledge – We regularly point out and tell each other something we appreciate,  value and love in each other.
Devotion – We honor each other’s Love Language. We continuously express our commitment in our words, or acts of kindness & service, and making quality time together.
Apologize – We ask ourselves, “Is there anything I want to or need to apologize for and make amends?”
Gratitude – We express daily appreciation for this life together. We look for and focus on these areas.

Can you imagine putting these practices into your relationships? If you or someone you know is interested in relationship coaching, we would love to meet you for a complimentary session to help you practice what Courtney and Zach do for their lifelong, loving relationship.