Why We Promote Journaling

One practice we suggest for our clients is journaling as a way to do work outside of our coaching sessions. One specific practice is called Morning Pages from writer and artist Julia Cameron. It entails hand writing down for three full pages whatever comes up in your mind without holding back anything. Morning pages works best if you do it first thing in the morning before … (Read more)

This is What Love Looks Like

If you know us as individuals or coaches, you know that we are absolutely passionate about our work as relationship coaches and our work with couples. Meet Courtney and Zach. They are the embodiment of an engaged couple who is so ready for their next step: Marriage. Photo by Jessica Miriam Photography As a young couple, Courtney and Zach have the most amazing communication skills … (Read more)

Success Story: Jack

Jack* lost his wife of 52 years. He was his wife’s final caretaker and the loss was heartbreaking. Determining what was best for Jack; his children felt it necessary that he move into an assisted living facility. His children coordinated everything, down to the sale of his home and deciding what would fit into his new, but much smaller living environment. When we met Jack, … (Read more)

Success Story: Debbie and Mike

Debbie and Mike* were married for over 30 years. Mike’s job loss and inability to find work a year later had taken a financial toll on the marriage. Debbie felt Mike wasn’t trying hard enough to find his next job; Mike felt Debbie needed to step up and be more serious to find “a real job.” (Debbie admitted to dabbling in part-time work never having … (Read more)

Success Story: Julie and Mike

Julie and Mike* are parents of 16-year-old, Maggie*.  They describe themselves fairly close-knit and involved parents. However, once their daughter began driving, Julie and Mike felt they were losing control. Maggie neglected established curfews, showed an attitude towards them they had not felt before, and her grades were slipping. Maggie’s social life had stepped up because of her increased independence.  At our first session with … (Read more)