Here’s The Thing: Coaching is Courageous!

While it’s true that people often come to coaching with a specific issue, problem or question that they would like to address, coaching is much more about strengthening WHO is addressing the question, issue or problem. Why? Because it is inevitable that we will have many more opportunities to wrestle with, and be nimble to, what life brings us. Coaching is about change. It’s about … (Read more)

Relationships Thrive on Shared Values

Dating couples spend time together and look for shared interests while they get to know one another.  However if you’re looking to evaluate whether to proceed to a more serious, “next” level, then looking for and learning about your shared values is crucial. Shared values are what will determine if and how the relationship will sustain and endure over the years to come. Can you … (Read more)

Conversation: The Good and Bad News

FRIENDS, I COME WITH 7 PIECES OF GOOD NEWS & BAD NEWS … this was the headline of Glennon Doyle’s Instagram post on September 1, 2017. Her 7 pieces of good and bad news all toggled around the same thing, her book The Love Warrior. But isn’t that the truth about many things, that they have elements of both good and bad? Telling our truth and … (Read more)

Bridge the Gap – Communication Tools for Pre-Marital Couples

Some of the most effective “tools” in our coaching are the ones we created based on our years of experience working with relationships. The purpose is to establish clarity around areas we support couples. It is a vehicle to begin conversations allowing them to discern and tell one another, and their coach, what they want or perhaps need to work on in our sessions together. Our Pre-Marital Bridge the … (Read more)

Is There A Difficult Conversation You Need To Have?

My last blog Are You Ready To Get Off The Fence, was about how being stuck and indecisive keeps us from moving toward our goals or making the changes that we want in our lives. Many times it’s our reluctance to have what we perceive to be a difficult conversation that keeps us in limbo- and keeps us in that place we don’t want to be. Having talked … (Read more)