Life Struggle: A Song to Share to Give You Hope & Faith

If you, or someone you know, has a loved one who is struggling or in any kind of pain (as Life will present to us), this song has always touched my heart, even helped me find strength. For me personally, (this is Carol writing), the words give me hope and provide faith. And when in a struggle or crisis, this is what we need the … (Read more)

Yippee Skippee… We’ve graduated!

It’s the middle of summer already and I find myself eager and anxious at the same time. Nick graduated from high school in June and is getting ready to head off to college. He’s busy enjoying his last summer with his high school friends before they all go their separate ways and I am getting my arms wrapped around my empty nest. It’s an exciting … (Read more)

Women’s Workshop in the Works!

Last month, we invited a few women to spend an intimate evening with us. Our purpose was to gather a group of creative, fun, and resilient women who are currently facing some kind of life change and willing to share about the transition process they are in or will be facing. Each person’s current or impending change is unique. However, there was such a camaraderie … (Read more)

When the mask fits, wear it!

Sometimes life circumstances can be so daunting that it’s all we can do to get by.  Our sense of what’s true and what’s sure dissolves in an instant and we have to sort things out again.  Or as some say, find a new normal.  And while one part of our life is crumbling we often find ourselves having to participate in the rest of our … (Read more)

Love From the Inside Out

It’s almost Valentine’s Day again…a day I want to love and yet I can’t quite get my arms wrapped around it just yet. You might say, “I’ve lost that loving feeling.” This is my 3rd Valentine’s Day since my divorce and I am happy to report that I am not dreading this day of LOVE… and yet my perspective on it is quite different. I … (Read more)