Relationships Thrive on Shared Values

Dating couples spend time together and look for shared interests while they get to know one another.  However if you’re looking to evaluate whether to proceed to a more serious, “next” level, then looking for and learning about your shared values is crucial. Shared values are what will determine if and how the relationship will sustain and endure over the years to come. Can you … (Read more)

Conversation: The Good and Bad News

FRIENDS, I COME WITH 7 PIECES OF GOOD NEWS & BAD NEWS … this was the headline of Glennon Doyle’s Instagram post on September 1, 2017. Her 7 pieces of good and bad news all toggled around the same thing, her book The Love Warrior. But isn’t that the truth about many things, that they have elements of both good and bad? Telling our truth and … (Read more)

Bridge the Gap – Communication Tools for Pre-Marital Couples

Some of the most effective “tools” in our coaching are the ones we created based on our years of experience working with relationships. The purpose is to establish clarity around areas we support couples. It is a vehicle to begin conversations allowing them to discern and tell one another, and their coach, what they want or perhaps need to work on in our sessions together. Our Pre-Marital Bridge the … (Read more)

The 5 Love Languages

As premarital coaches, our goal is to help couples learn more about one another and themselves before taking their next big step in their relationship. Marriage consultant Gary Chapman introduces five ways in which we feel love and connected: 1) Words of Affirmation, 2) Quality Time, 3) Receiving Gifts, 4) Acts of Service and 5) Physical Touch. Gary has an online self-assessment that we ask all our premarital couples … (Read more)

Pre-Marital Coaching: Building a Strong Foundation

If we had only… As relationship coaches, something we hear from married couples is that they wish they had done some premarital work. They’re not saying it necessarily would have stopped them from getting married. Rather they say this could have been a positive step prior to marriage in helping them really understand and know one another on topics they had not discussed together – … (Read more)