A Night Time Blessing

Words are powerful. And the strongest voice that influences and ultimately matters the most is that of your own. Here’s a night time blessing I wrote for clients (and for myself!) to help remind us how powerful it is to choose the thoughts that can help in becoming resilient, self accepting and to trust what’s in your heart. Reflect on gratitude, perseverance and healing toward my life, … (Read more)

Believe in Your Worthiness

  Sometimes in the midst of adverse life and relationship challenges, we are led to doubt our self worth and value. Someone close to you may say words or behave in ways that anger or hurt you, intentionally or unintentionally, causing you to question your worth. As upset, maybe even distraught you may feel from this, it is important to put more weight and credence … (Read more)

Life Struggle: A Song to Share to Give You Hope & Faith

If you, or someone you know, has a loved one who is struggling or in any kind of pain (as Life will present to us), this song has always touched my heart, even helped me find strength. For me personally, (this is Carol writing), the words give me hope and provide faith. And when in a struggle or crisis, this is what we need the … (Read more)

Looking at My Life’s Own Landscape

In August, I (Carol) did a first. I went backpacking!  With the idea coming from my son, Ryan and the detailed planning done by my husband, Chris, and daughter Allison and me (along with Courtney and Jared) being “pack mules”, our family headed up to Mount Lassen for what was a challenging yet beautiful trip. Personally, I’ve got some “things” going on in my life … (Read more)

Creating Your Holiday Intentions

Creating Your Holiday Intentions I don’t know about you, but I tend to get a little anxious over the holiday season, especially if our household is the one hosting one of the large family gatherings. I form these expectations that it “should” be a certain way, I put pressure on that it’s my responsibility that everyone enjoys themselves, and that things have to look “holiday … (Read more)