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As a client, what can I expect from On The Edge Of Coaching?

Whether you participate in our individual, couples or small business coaching or attend one of the many presentations and workshops we offer, you can expect a safe place to explore where you are in your relationship today, and develop a path toward increased fulfillment tomorrow. Our inquiry-based coaching will address your challenges and provide tools, experiences and resources to sustain and grow your relationship with yourself, your family and your community. Our mission is to empower you to respond to life’s challenges by strengthening your own self awareness and gaining clarity before making the choices that you are responsible for. We start by building on the most significant relationship, the one you have with yourself. We can help you move toward the edge of discoveries that give your life deeper, fuller meaning.

How are you different than other coaching services?

There are a couple of ways. One is the breadth, depth and collaboration created by the yin and yang of our personal styles and life experiences. Our differences complement our partnership and the effectiveness of our work. The second is that all of our programs are based on real issues. One of the cornerstones of our business is actively meeting and talking with parents, teens, and couples to find out what’s really going on in their lives, where their struggles lie and what’s in the way of their having the relationships they desire.

How do I know if I am coachable?

We believe that everyone can benefit from coaching. That being said, it’s important to add that to reap the most benefits from a coaching partnership, you must be “coachable.” We have identified five key characteristics of someone who is coachable.

  1. You are self-disclosing. You are willing to open up fully and honestly, knowing that by doing so change is possible. You can’t change what you don’t acknowledge.
  2. You are hopeful. You see possibilities, are willing to create a vision, but need help in the “how.” Coachable people see the glass as half full (vs. half empty).
  3. You are accountable. You understand that happiness is an “inside” job, and also realize you could use the support of a coach on the “outside” to keep you on track and on schedule to achieve your goals.
  4. You are open-minded. You respect others and yourself.
  5. You practice self-care and are committed to your self-development. You are willing to invest in yourself. You value the expertise and guidance of others, knowing that working with others can make a difference in your life.

How do I know if coaching would be an option for me instead of therapy?

Coaching is a solution-based process. We work with individuals who are ready to be proactive. Yes, there are times we help you get “unstuck” so you can move forward. However there are times when you may be so stuck and resistant to change that therapy may be the more appropriate venue to work this through. Therapy allows you to deal with issues related to your past. As coaches, we come from a position to help you with discoveries. We help you look at:

  • new options to gain clarity and new perspectives you may not have considered before.
  • ways to expedite achieving your goals.
  • how to live from your highest expression of yourself.

We are trained to listen, observe and ask questions to help you discover your own answers. Clients who have been helped by coaching include:

  • Couples planning to marry who want to establish how they will handle finances, child rearing and other issues during their marriage.
  • Those in the “sandwich” generation struggling to help their aging parents while raising their own children.
  • Individuals who want to improve communication and connections in the workplace.
  • Parents who want to learn how to respond vs. react to their teen’s behavior and still stay connected.
  • Divorcing parents who want to learn strategies for effective co-parenting.

Family members of someone who is going through a personal crisis.

Is On The Edge Of Coaching only for those facing adversity or some sort of hardship?

Absolutely not.  While indeed there are times when life isn’t happening the way we thought it might or should and our disappointment, sadness, fear or anger results, those are some of the reasons coaching is useful. In those challenging times, we strongly believe they are our catalysts for personal breakthroughs and new beginnings.

However, coaching is designed to help you move forward from a place that is preventing you from achieving the life and relationships you want.  So we definitely work with individuals who are proactive and need guidance and tools to move from point A to point B.

How does coaching happen?

For those clients who live locally, we offer to meet in person or offer coaching over the phone or use Skype. For those who live outside our area, we coach over the phone or use Skype; both are equally effective. Whether over the phone or in person, our coaching format is designed to guide you through powerful questioning and support, resulting in heightened awareness and greater possibility of making the changes and shifts that you desire in your life.

How long does the coaching relationship last?

It varies by client and the situation. Our goal is to provide you with tools and resources and then empower you – through practice, awareness, observation, feedback and accountability – to apply those tools and resources to your life and relationships through “self-coaching.” We find that the most effective solutions require a client commitment of at least three months. Many come back on an as-needed basis.

Is On The Edge Of Coaching available to make presentations and/or conduct workshops?

Absolutely, and we’d be delighted to do so. We welcome the opportunity to present our services to community and corporate groups and associations. In addition, we can create programs and workshops tailored to address specific topics of interest. Please contact us for more information.