We offer Individual, Couple and Group Coaching

All begin with a 30-minute complimentary call or meeting, that allows you, the potential client to “interview” us and see if we’re a good fit for you. The complimentary session also allows us to assess for “coachability”. Our intention is first and foremost to help you find the right resource. Coaching is one vehicle to serve your needs and we want you to have a positive experience with it.


  • Clients have come to us wanting more from life, needing clarity about “what’s next” in career interests and relationships, empty nesters, challenging parenting issues, navigating separation/divorce.
  • We begin by sending you an intake questionnaire to gather information about you and your situation, skills you want to learn, actions you want to take, and how to best support you in this process.
  • We gain ongoing clarity on the outcomes you’d like at each meeting. A typical session begins with an important question: What do you want to accomplish and walk away with from our meeting today?
  • Subsequent sessions will be spent evaluating your progress (what works, what are stuck points), assessing your progress and developing an action plan that allows you to move forward.


  • Our “sweet spot” is working with premarital couples. ☺ We have created our own tools to help couples discuss and discern all the important issues that will strengthen their knowledge of one another and future together.
  • We work with married/committed couples who seek help with communication, decision-making and problem-solving skills.
  • For parents who may be challenged and struggling with raising children, we help you assess core issues as well as how to get on the same page to work as a TEAM.


  • These include families, folks with a common goal/interest or work teams who could use coaching around interpersonal dynamics, relating and understanding personality differences, goal setting, and problem resolution.

Whether it is individual, couples or group coaching, we’ll partner with you to design steps and actions that will move you forward. Ultimately this is your work; as coaches we are here to support you with it.

Are you ready to get started?  Contact us for a complimentary call to determine if coaching is the right process and the coaching partnership feels like a fit for what you’d like to accomplish.