DC, Sunnyvale

Amazing! That’s what comes to mind when we think about Carol. My fiancé and I wanted to get premarital coaching and we’re so happy that we were able to find Carol through Yelp. We highly recommend her! And if you’re even considering getting couples or family coaching then give her a call to meet up. The complimentary session was so helpful because Carol was able to get my fiancé and I to communicate what we each wanted to improve and better in our relationship. Every session with Carol after that was extremely beneficial to us. We always looked forward to meeting with her and we can’t emphasize enough on how kind, professional and helpful she is. Thank you again Carol for all of your support!

JR, San Jose, CA

Thank you for all the help and the wonderful sessions. I’ve had my share of counseling and never have I accomplished more than we have in the few short sessions. I feel glad and grateful to have met you. You have a gift!

C.Y. – San Jose

What makes Lisa so powerful for me is her ability to listen and ask questions so spot on without ever making me feel judged. That skill allows me to face the challenging areas without being so hard on myself. She definitely knows how to hold a mirror up in order for me to find my own answers. Being coached by her has taken me to new levels of self-discovery. And I am stronger for it.

GS, San Jose

Going through crisis in life is hard to face. I know it is not easy to walk through life in the midst of family crisis so I thought of looking for help and finding the best coach that I could ever find. I dialed Carol’s number that I found on yelp, and the same day, she called me back. I must honestly say that I called few people as well, but talking to Carol over the phone just for a plain introduction amazed me. I could tell from there that she is the right person to go to. I am glad that I followed my instinct. She had tremendously guided me in this time of darkness. She held my hand and walked with me in finding the right path. I know that I am a strong person, and yet I know I needed help. Talking to her and listening to her words of wisdom gives me clarity, and helped me decide for the right thing for me to do. At this point, finding for a coach to guide you is not easy. We have to make sure that the person we are trusting to coach us is a good fit for us, and has a lot of wisdom. Carol is professionally trained, naturally compassionate, spiritually aware, and has a calm spirit. I am glad that she is my coach, and I highly recommend her.

KR, Fremont

Lisa and Carol, for me the most powerful things that occurred (during our coaching) have to do with being able to trust again. I was very much out of a trust mode at the beginning of our time together. During the time period I found myself able to share more and more of myself. At first, it was to share my thoughts and then my feelings. As this happened I was able to be more emotional (with my wife). I have been able to really share with her on a gut emotional level. (more…)

RL, Santa Clara

Carol seemed to solve what to many was impossible to solve, working out the differences between my business partner and myself who is also my brother. Our two personalities couldn’t be any more different. By getting each of us to understand the other, it got the ball rolling to solve the issues we had with each other which is leading us to having a better business and personal relationship. Without Carol’s insight and guidance, this would have never happened. I highly recommended Carol to solve any of those difference relationships that we all have in life.

CF, Arizona

Carol and Lisa, I’ve so much appreciated receiving your newsletters – they are always packed with great info. You’ve played such an important part in my FORMER struggles with my daughter. I’m here to report that due to your guidance we are connected more than we have ever been in years! We’re spending wonderful time together, appreciating each other, texting each other often, respecting both our differences and our commonalities. We’re having fun! How wonderful is that?!?

We’ve finally reached “the other side” of the teen vs. parent issues…. she respects me and I respect her in turn. Reading your newsletters has been so helpful in spurring me to look at the way I’ve been approaching and reacting to my daughter.

I thank you both for your kind support, your continued guidance through your newsletters, and for giving me the courage and knowledge to “let go” of the belief that I am the parent and she is the child that has been so ingrained in us. I love my daughter for who she is… I struggled for so long with my belief system vs. who she is. Now I appreciate her for that very same reason – she’s different, she’s beautiful, she’s unique, she’s talented, she’s hilarious… she’s my daughter, and my friend, and I support her.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.

TM, Los Altos

Your warmth provided me with encouragement, safety and an inner strength I had forgotten. This three-week course has been a life-altering experience for me. My challenge will be to make sure I don’t back pedal or leave this work on he back burner. Thank you for re-igniting my inner spirit.

AO – Cupertino

I first came to coaching for help when I was considering changing jobs, but what began as a contemplation of a job change soon turned out to be a complete life transformation. Through coaching I became to realize that changes from within myself was the key to a more meaningful and successful life. I received unconditional support as I continue this spiritual path of learning and growing. It has been through coaching I have found the strength to not only make these changes but to find peace and hope in what has to be the hardest period of my life. I admire her (Carol’s) wisdom, her integrity, her respect for me and others, her ability to always stay non-judgmental, and her genuine compassion, all of this done with great professionalism and dedication. I am profoundly grateful to her for all the help and guidance she has given me, and will recommend her coaching without any hesitation as I consider her the best counselor/coach I have ever met.

SW, Cupertino

I feel blessed to have met you and to know that there is someone out there that really understands what so many women are going through. Like I said, you are special and you have a talent to get women to open up and feel okay about it. I am going to take the time to reflect and reconnect with myself.

EM, Los Altos

On Thursday morning I had a mom come into my class who had been at your presentation the night before. She was beaming. She had her workout clothes on and told me that she was going to download tunes on her IPod and go for a walk!! She was so inspired. Your message and the evening truly inspired so many.

JC, San Jose

Getting “Back2Me” was an experience that I longed for but didn’t know it. Admittedly, I have been running around masquerading as a super woman. Thank you for teaching me the importance of questioning what I desire. And for pointing out that an anchor can ground or bind me and why letting go of some anchors is a healing action. I am able to remember that I have the power to choose what will hurt or cause pain. This is why I can be okay with making a clear decision to live in the present by embracing my imperfections. I can “see” who I am. You make a dynamic duo! I highly recommend your style of coaching to anyone that is poised for personal development.