Picture of Carol Satterlee and Lisa FairchildOn the Edge of Coaching  was founded by family and relationship coaches Lisa Fairchild, ACC and Carol Satterlee, CPC.  One of the fundamentals of coaching is that each of us already has the tools and resources within us to create the life and relationships we desire. And yet, sometimes getting there seems beyond our reach. We chose our name, On the Edge of Coaching because we believe the awareness, insights and clarity gained through the coaching process allows you to break through the obstacles, beliefs and behaviors that keep you from realizing your dreams.

Our practice is built on the premise that the quality of your relationships has a direct impact on your life, and thus we are dedicated to helping individuals, couples and families improve their lives by improving your relationships. Besides the obvious relationships you have with people, you also have a relationship with your career, life purpose, community, nature, spirituality, etc. We strongly believe the most important one, however, is the relationship you have with yourself.  It is from here where you take responsibility to make every choice that ultimately creates the life and relationships you desire.