Chloe and her Oop-sy Moments

For those of you who know Carol’s dear 3-1/2-year-old lab, Chloe, you may know that she and Chris keep a “list” on their refrigerator. We call it Chloe’s Wall of Shame list.

This is an ongoing list of things Chloe takes off counters or tables as a reminder that Chris and I have not done a good job “Chloe proofing” before we leave the house. So I guess you could say it really is The Chris and Carol’s Wall of Shame list.

This past Saturday (8/27/11) Chloe got to #112 — a bag of LifeSaver candies off the kitchen counter (set back pretty far!)  After coming home to make the discovery at the top of our stairs, we took these photos.

Trying to get Chloe to see the mess she made!


A very remorseful Chloe


Chloe laughing it all off!

Some may think we spoil Chloe. And I admit we do. But the thing is we all have our “OOPSY” moments. Having Chloe reminds us about forgiveness and a good sense of humor. We think as parents, that goes a long way.