Choosing Your Steps

Life is fluid. It’s always happening and sometimes it feels like it’s happening on steroids. This might be one of those times. Between the contentious political environment, the fear and uncertainty of far too many terror attacks and the devastation of the natural disasters that all seem to happen one after another, life can feel unsettling and chaotic. Whether they are the happenings in the world around us … (Read more)

The Holidays are here (almost)… excited or angst? Could I have 5 minutes of your time?

Yikes! The Holidays are just around the corner. Yep, it’s true! Halloween marks the beginning of the Holiday Season- a time that is marketed to be all ho, ho, ho and jolly and yet for many it takes some ‘work’ to be jolly and have a holiday season that brings the peace, joy and love we all want and deserve. So how are you feeling… … (Read more)

Is There A Difficult Conversation You Need To Have?

My last blog Are You Ready To Get Off The Fence, was about how being stuck and indecisive keeps us from moving toward our goals or making the changes that we want in our lives. Many times it’s our reluctance to have what we perceive to be a difficult conversation that keeps us in limbo- and keeps us in that place we don’t want to be. Having talked … (Read more)

A Mom Day

This Mother’s Day will be my first without my mother and I am acutely aware of her absence. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think of her, wish I could call her to share something about my life or hear something about hers. I miss her infectious laugh, smile as I remember her sometimes ridiculously long and detailed stories and … (Read more)