The Holidays are here (almost)… excited or angst? Could I have 5 minutes of your time?

Yikes! The Holidays are just around the corner. Yep, it’s true! Halloween marks the beginning of the Holiday Season- a time that is marketed to be all ho, ho, ho and jolly and yet for many it takes some ‘work’ to be jolly and have a holiday season that brings the peace, joy and love we all want and deserve. So how are you feeling… angst or excited?

Just yesterday I was talking with my son. He was invited to spend Thanksgiving with his girlfriend and her family. Of course he wants to say “yes” to the invitation and yet I could tell that he was a little uncomfortable as he didn’t want me to be alone. This will be our first Thanksgiving apart in 25 years and that takes some letting go and adjusting for both of us. It causes us both a little angst and we’ve already begun talking about creating a different way for us to celebrate the holiday together.  I have no doubt as I watch this amazing young man bravely and gracefully step fully into adulthood that this is first of many holidays that will look new and different for both of us. I also know we’ll find our way to peace, joy and love amidst the changes.

holiday bluesUnfortunately, far too often the idea of addressing issues that stand in the way of really, truly experiencing the holiday season we desire feels daunting, scary and hopeless. The thing is… it’s not just about the holidays. The unattended issues in the way of our having a joyful holiday are the same ones that are in the way of us having joyful relationships. What we resist persists! But here’s the thing… it doesn’t have to be that way. Hence my Holiday project and my question “will you help me?”

Would you help me by taking this 5 minute survey The Holidays… Angsts or Excited? To thank you for sharing your thoughts on the subject, I’m offering a free 20 minute phone coaching session that will help you put the jolly in your holiday!

I’m dreaming of a joyful Holiday Season for all!