Back2Me: A Women’s Workshop

Saturday, May 10, 2008. We launched our workshop, Back2Me. Nine powerful women took on the task of self-discovery and inquiry at this workshop. “Who am I today when stripped of all the roles I have been to so many that include wife, mother, caretaker, friend, daughter-in-law, etc.?” And we commend each of them for their honesty and their participation in what exposed many raw and heart-wrenching emotions. The intent of the workshop was to help each woman name what change(s) they are facing in their current life. And from there, we helped her identify the blocks that are getting in the way as well as the next steps she will take to embrace the strong and evolved woman she is in order to move forward.

The comments we received included, “It was way more than what I had expected! It was awesome!” and “Great content, good pace and provoked insights.” When asked what was the most significant thing they took from the workshop, we received comments about how powerful it was to accept being present in the moment, that “loving myself is OK”, and “That I am not alone in my journey.”

Next up: A follow-up teleconference call to check in on the actions to support themselves and then the follow-on workshop to maintain and sustain the blossom of these flourishing women.


The camaraderie exhibited during these workshops continues to confirm the power of women and their support for one another. What an honor to be a part of that.