Relationships Thrive on Shared Values

Dating couples spend time together and look for shared interests while they get to know one another.  However if you’re looking to evaluate whether to proceed to a more serious, “next” level, then looking for and learning about your shared values is crucial. Shared values are what will determine if and how the relationship will sustain and endure over the years to come. Can you … (Read more)

Bridge the Gap – Communication Tools for Pre-Marital Couples

Some of the most effective “tools” in our coaching are the ones we created based on our years of experience working with relationships. The purpose is to establish clarity around areas we support couples. It is a vehicle to begin conversations allowing them to discern and tell one another, and their coach, what they want or perhaps need to work on in our sessions together. Our Pre-Marital Bridge the … (Read more)

What’s the Secret? Kindness & Generosity

In our work with relationships, experience teaches that struggles and challenges are a natural aspect of relating… even the most successful ones. Our differences with one another is a given. Avoiding and running away from conflict particularly in loving, intimate relationships never works. It will somehow always catch up to us. I’m a big fan of John Gottman. He is a professor of psychology known for his … (Read more)

This is What Love Looks Like

If you know us as individuals or coaches, you know that we are absolutely passionate about our work as relationship coaches and our work with couples. Meet Courtney and Zach. They are the embodiment of an engaged couple who is so ready for their next step: Marriage. Photo by Jessica Miriam Photography As a young couple, Courtney and Zach have the most amazing communication skills … (Read more)

Midlife Gap Year — For Chris

As of this date, Chris is in his 3rd week of beginning a “midlife gap year”. Yup, after months of contemplation and planning, he made a big decision to take a break from his career and reassess life. As people hear about his “leave”, I jokingly say I’m pleased he chose this over a new sports car or girlfriend! (For those who know him, you … (Read more)