A Mother’s Day Gift

A Perfect Mother's Day for Carol

Mine is not a family that material gifts are required to celebrate special occasions, although I still have and treasure the little trinkets and school-made gifts the kids made me for Mother’s Day from way back when.

Today, Mother’s Day was celebrated with the kids coordinating their schedules with Chris and me to spend time as a family. We had a nice lunch together in Menlo Park and then headed off to hike “the dish” at Stanford (that’s Hoover Tower behind and to the right of Allison’s head in the distant background). We hiked for over an hour on this beautiful day. The first part of the hike I spent with Allison on our “walk and talk” where it gave us the opportunity to share lighthearted as well as some serious discussions. Allison and I can talk about anything and everything!  And in the background, we could hear Chris and Ryan with their “guy talk”.

The second half, I got my precious time with Ryan. I treasure his company as I nonchalantly (and a bit strategically) ask him more personal things that Chris may not. You know, stuff like relationships and feelings. It means a lot to me that he can open up as he does. I think I’ve been a good “student” when it comes to having learned how to listen with respect each of my kids for the individuals they are and  how to “accept and not expect”.

This is why I’m always the first to say my children have been two of my best teachers in life. Thank you, Allison and Ryan, for a wonderful Mother’s Day gift — your precious time.