Always a First Time!

Over a month ago, my parents celebrated their 58th wedding anniversary. My folks have been a wonderful example of living in gratitude and appreciating all they have — mostly their family!

So what could their kids possibly give them to celebrate their lives together when they have “everything”? An IPAD!

Carol's parents and their new toy!

Chris and I were the lucky ones to deliver the gift. My parents (both in their 80s) have never used a computer. It was Chris’ idea that an Ipad might just be the thing, less intimidating for them. Dad has always been fascinated over the years about the internet but held off getting “connected”.

We gave them the gift and they LOVED it! What next? We took them to their local Starbucks so we could connect to their WiFi and then they had their first lessons. Chris is a very patient teacher and focused on the very basics so as not to overwhelm them.

Dad, Mom and Chris

Since they have first received it, my nephew Geoffrey has also been their private tutor, sometimes on hour-long phone calls. Geoff is also a patient young man! Slowly but surely, my parents are getting more and more comfortable with it. Mom replies to our emails and I hear Dad likes browsing the web to satisfy his curiosity. Next up: FaceTime!

What I know from this is there is “always a first time!” My parents demonstrate it and I hope I will do the same when I am in my 80s!

(And as a side note, a huge thank you to my dear friend, Terel. Because of him I now have my own Ipad and LOVE IT and the beautiful red case!)

Carol's new toy!